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      I’d be interested to get your take on a post I came across on linked-in from a recruiter who is not too happy at a polite rejection of his unsolicited approach.

      Recruiter “A” stated in the post.

      “Today I emailed a candidate about an excellent opportunity to be sent (I think) an automated response telling me to remove all their details from the database and not contact him again regarding jobs (I have not previously spoken to this individual). I understand that having an in demand skill set can lead to a lot of attention from recruiters however LinkedIn is used for the purpose of showcasing skills and attracting potential future employers. If you are a developer and want to showcase your skills but don’t want to be contacted then keep yourself to GitHub! Also, don’t act on emotion (in this case I presume frustration); spouting lines like “Please do not contact me in future with regards to job offers” is very short sighted unless you plan on retiring with your current company 40 years down the line. As much as you may hate us, you certainly will need us at some point!”

      How will recruiters be subject to GDPR when sending unsolicited Linked-In messages to individuals. Let’s assume that the individual the recruiter is approaching lives in the UK, so is an EU Data Subject.

      1) As a data controller, does the recruiter have the right to process the linked-in user’s data in any circumstance, not just specifically for this marketing purpose ? If so, what is the legal basis / legitimate purpose?

      2) Right to erasure – The Linked-In user requests their data to be removed from the database, but the recruiter is gathering the data from Linked-In, so they do not hold data personally/within their own organisation.

      3) In the context of a Recruiter using a centralised Social Networking application as their source of data, what other Articles should the recruiter and their firm be aware of in regards compliance with the GDPR.

      Thanks in advance for your expert opinion.

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